Bon Voyage: Italy

Italy is a perfect destination when it comes to touring and trips. This country is the passage to admiration right from the heritage, history, and blossoms. The wine lands of Tuscans, canals of Venice, Art of Florence, Colosseum of Rome, Cliffs and Bays of Amalfi, Sculptures of Venice, cliffs of Positano, you name it, and Italy has it! Let’s go through the must-visit places from Italy:

Leaning Tower of Italy

While Italy is famous for many Leaning towers but Leaning Tower of Pisa has made a long way through all of them. The bell tower of Pisa located in Piazza is infamous for a reason. The mast was deliberately tilted to compensate the weak foundation due to unstable soil. The monument came into sight to most people in the Superman 3 when the Superman straightens the leaning tower. The art of ancient work is a must visit for sure.

Naples Harbour

Naples differ from all the other Italian cities with all the thrill and enthusiasm you get to see through the street. One can feel hungry with the pizza essence you get to smell while walking down the roads. The city is brighter than one can put into words, and you can always listen chirping and whispering throughout the town. The waterfront allows prosperous harbor in Naples. The insights of ports and ships trading and importing give a historic gateway of trades to one’s eye.

Marina Piccola

The small island is divided into two towns Capri and Anacapri. With the scenic beauty and wonders, nature has to offer, and the offshore island becomes a treat to one’s eye! Marina Piccola is a perfect place for sunbathing even during winters as the cliffs surrounding the oceans protect the harbor from the wind. The most visited site to chill and relax at beaches of Marina di Pennauro and Mulo.

Mount Vesuvius


It still amuses me that how calm and beautiful an active volcano can be. Mount Vesuvius is situated at shores of Naples and is open for visitors. The mountain is the only active volcano in Europe and has happened to produce the continent’s most massive eruption. The facts of the sight itself deliver the thrill to visit the wonder once in a lifetime if not more. The 79AD eruption buried Pompeii into the volcano ashes.

Ponte Vecchio

Popularly known for the art and architecture Florence is the heart of Italy. The city resides into the laps of Arno River and is home to the world’s greatest artists. An entire town is a strive of the Italian Renaissance, symbolic movement which broke Rome out of the Dark age. Ponte Vecchio is known to be one of the oldest bridge across the Arno River with plenty of shops residing over giving the most acoustic scene of the city. The evenly matched windows across the bridge don’t just provide a glimpse of the hallway but a home to worth a king ransom portraits which are usually self-portraits by the world’s famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Velasquez.