A New Venture: Italy

Europe is usually the first-choice tourists make when it comes to traveling and exploring. Italy is the best country you will study in Europe for sure. With all the historical background and rich culture Italy marks itself as one of the best tourist places in India. With the city of water Venice, with the town of Ceaser and native to Catholic Christians Rome, with the fashion city itself Milan and the city of art Florence, Italy has no boundaries in a glorified culture where Italian Cuisine speaks for itself and has varied and graceful perception towards anything that comes across.


I believe every city in Italy has a history linked along. Pompeii is considered to be entombed under the volcano ash for about 17 decades and is thought to emerge only after 1648. Walking down the streets of Pompeii one can relive the days of Roman Empire with sights of remaining brothels, bakeries and baths along the roads. Shrine of Pompeii is an all-embracing pilgrimage dedicated to the blessed virgin of Holy Rosary. Shrine of Pompeii is a place with a footfall of many devotees walking down 20 miles to complete their pilgrimage to Basilica to shine their commitment towards Holy Mary. Forum of Pompeii is just another interest place to visit. This place was believed to be a political center in ancient times and therefore is known for the culture and religious trend of old times. Temple of Apollo is an artifact from 5th century BC. Apollo is believed to be a Greek God, and the Greeks expanded themselves far beyond their natives. Except for the name ‘Apulu,’ everything remained the same ever since.


The rich heritage and historical past are the specialty of origins of Italy. Milan was devasted during World War two due to massive bomb blasts. But Italians never lacked courage and dedication, and there stands Milan yet again strong and grand, now known as the Fashion capital of the World! Galleria Emanuele two is a perfect picture for Milan tourists. It is one of the oldest shopping malls from ancient times and is still a sight to glimmer eyed fashionistas. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Borsalino, and many other luxuriant brands have settled their stores right under blue glasses of mall’s dorm. There is a famous saying in Milan, one turning on a heel over montage bull under the dorm brings good fortune. Sforzesco Castle is a pure sample of presenting an endeavor of prestige, power, and heritage. This place is a home to art and culture attracting hundreds of tourists every day.

Amalfi Coast

City of Extravagance is Amalfi Coast. With luxurious resort, glistening bays along the coastline, insights of dappled villas, mountain shores, gardens of lemon trees, the city is Posh. The beaten off the path of beautiful sights is an undeniable attraction to the tourists. Putting down to words of how beautiful the city is the most difficult task one has ever to do. Sorrento is the most popular place to visit when at Amalfi Coast, being the outset of the coast. With the perfect weather and view of the ocean, fishing, and diving the beauty remains understatement.  Birthplace to Limoncello, and therefore never forget to grab a bottle whenever plan to visit the place. Amalfi is coastal town of Amalfi Coast. Your trip will be unfinished if you haven’t visited Amalfi when at Amalfi Coast.  With sunbathing at Marina Grand beach to the cathedral of Saint Andrea, Amalfi has best homemade cup cakes and espresso giving a whole Italian vibe.